How To Wager


Quinella. Superfecta. Trifecta key. Confused about the lingo? No worries. Learn how to talk the talk before you walk the walk by reading the information below. These wagering explanations will allow you to place your bet with confidence. If you still have questions, our staff will be more than happy to help. We hope your visit will be fun and profitable.

WIN: You collect only if the dog you played finishes first. Minimum bet of $2.

PLACE: You collect if your dog finishes first or second. Minimum bet of $2.

SHOW: You collect if your dog finishes first, second or third. Minimum bet of $2.

DAILY DOUBLE: You select the dogs you think will win the first and second races. Daily Double tickets must be purchased prior to the running of the first race. Minimum bet is $2.

QUINELLA: You select two dogs that must finish first and second together regardless of order. A popular quinella bet is the "box" where you select three or more dogs. If two of them finish first and second (regardless of order) you win. Minimum bet on a quinella is $2.

TRIFECTA: This bet involves picking three dogs in their exact order to finish first, second, and third. Minimum bet is $2. This bet is often referred to as the "straight trifecta." Example: If you bet a trifecta 1-4-7, the 1 must finish first, the 4 second and the 7 third in order for you to collect on this ticket.

$1 TRIFECTA BOX: You select three or more dogs you think will finish in the trifecta. A boxed bet covers every combination of your dogs. Minimum bet of a $1 trifecta box is $6. You cannot buy a straight trifecta ticket for $1. The $1 trifecta pays the trifecta payoff on the odds board. Example: A 1-4-7 trifecta box will pay on 1-4-7, 1-7-4, 4-1-7, 4-7-1, 7-1-4, 7-4-1.

$1 TRIFECTA KEY: You select a "key" dog and couple it with two or more dogs in a specified position. It must finish where you specify it will, with the others finishing in any order. Minimum bet $2. Example: 1 to win with the 2- 4-7. The 1 must win, the others finishing second and third in any order. You may put your key dog in second or third position also.

$1 TRIFECTA WHEEL: Bet on one greyhound to finish first, second or third, then wheel your selection with every combination. Minimum bet is $42 and is equal to having 42 combinations in one ticket.

$2 SUPERFECTA: Played on the ninth, eleventh and thirteenth races. You select four dogs to finish in exact order. This bet may also be made as a $1 box or $1 wheel just as the trifecta bet is. Example: A superfecta 1-2-4-7 must finish in that order to collect. Sometimes the races end in what is known as an "all" situation. In this case, no one picked the 4th place dog, so anyone who bet the 1-2-4-and any number for the fourth position shares the pot.

TWIN TRIFECTA: Pick the trifecta in the 6th race. If you're a winner, you'll receive a share of the first half payoff and a free exchange for the 8th race. Take your winning first half (6th race) tickets to any window prior to the 8th race. Select the trifecta for the 8th race. If your 8th race trifecta also wins, you win the jackpot. It is possible for more than one winner. If there is no winner in the 8th race, the betting pool is carried over until someone wins.