Adopt a Gentle Greyhound & Make a Lifelong Friend!

Throughout the country, animal lovers are discovering what wonderful companions greyhounds make. Intelligent, calm and graceful creatures, greyhounds make uncommonly good household pets. Thriving on love and attention, these good-natured sighthounds reward their owners with a lifetime of unconditional love and affection. 

  • Greyhounds are docile, gentle, low-key creatures. On the track they may posses outstanding athletic abilities, but in the home environment, they're regular couch potatoes. Like any family dog, however, they need regular exercise to maintain their good health. A nice walk on the leash three or four times a week is recommended. A large, fenced-in backyard also will make a great playpen for your greyhound and should provide it with adequate room for leg-stretching exercise.

  • Greyhounds are wonderfully outgoing, friendly, and unaggressive. They wear muzzles while racing to help the racing officials determine the outcome of a photo-finish race and to protect them from injury during their high-spirited chase after mechanical lures.

  • Greyhounds are easy to train and are very social. It's true that a greyhound's life at the track is dramatically different than what we take for granted at home. But these bright animals adapt very quickly to a new routine. Most often, housebreaking a greyhound is simply a matter of showing your greyhound the designated area and then giving him or her a few days to adjust to your schedule. Riding in the car, climbing stairs, playing with toys and other "firsts" may confuse a greyhound who is unaccustomed to these activities, but in no time at all he or she will master these and any other household challenges.

  • They love children and other pets. Veterinarians and animal handlers who work with greyhounds are the first to admit that the greyhounds have one of the best temperaments of all dog breeds. Gentle, patient and sensitive, they make an ideal companion for children and seniors alike. Since they live with other greyhounds their whole lives, they are remarkably compatible with other pet dogs. Cats, however, are unknown to greyhounds and a little extra time and patience is required to ensure household harmony. It is easily achieved.

  • Greyhounds want to sleep indoors. Greyhounds adore romping and frolicking outdoors, but after play time, they belong indoors. They naturally have very little body fat and a thin coat that does not protect them against weather extremes. Even when they are active on the racing circuit, greyhounds are kept in climate-controlled kennels indoors.

If you're ready to welcome one of these special animals into your home, please visit add Greyhound Pets of America/Emerald Coast. An adoption counselor will gladly answer any further questions and then introduce you to some of the most lovable creatures on earth.